NBA Officers and Directors 2015

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Edward D. Lanquist, Jr., President
Joycelyn Stevenson, President-Elect
Dewey Branstetter, First Vice President
John C. McLemore, Second Vice President
Matt Potempa, First Vice President-Elect
Andrea Perry, Second Vice President-Elect
Whitney Haley, Secretary
Hon. Joe Brown, Treasurer
Eric W. Smith, Assistant Treasurer
Charles Grant, Immediate Past President President
Lela Hollabaugh
, General Counsel

Robb Bigelow

Hon. Joe Binkley

Hon. Sheila Calloway

Kay Caudle

Irwin Kuhn

Hon. Bill Koch

Claudia Levy

Hon. Randal Mashburn

Jeff Mobley

Sara Reynolds

Nathan Ridley

Erin Palmer Polly

David Raybin

Maria M. Salas

Saul Solomon

Bernadette Welch

Overton Thompson, III

NBA Committee Chairs

Practice Committees:
Alternate Dispute Resolution: Jim Doran; Helen Rogers
Appellate Practice:
J. Brooks  Fox ; Elizabeth  Sitgreaves; Donald Capparella
Bankruptcy Court:
Gulam R. Zade; Victoria A. Ferraro
Business Law:
Alexander Davie ; Kelly L. Frey Sr.
Chancery & Circuit Court:
Jonathan E. Richardson; Joshua R. Denton
Construction Law: Samuel Thomas Bowman ; David K. Taylor
Criminal Law & Criminal Justice: Mary-Kathryn  Harcombe; Grover Christopher
Domestic Relations: Marissa Moses Russ; Kristen B. Amonette
Employment Law & Civil Rights: Jennifer Smith Rusie ; Jonathan Oren Harris
Entertainment, Sports & Media Law:
Suzanne  Kessler ; Tim  Warnock
Environmental: Christopher W. Hayes
Estate Planning: Blaine Holt Smith
Federal Court: Kenneth Mark Bryant ; Valerie Moore
General Sessions Court: Bill Shick; Hon. Angie Dalton
Government Lawyers:
Jason Bobo ; Ben Whitehouse
Health Law:
Marc Overlock ; Kyonzté  Hughes-Toombs
Immigration Law: Yvette Sebelist ; L. Mabel Arroyo-Tirado
In House Counsel: Jennifer Gingery Cook
Intellectual Property Law: Mark Andrew Pitchford
Juvenile Court: David R. Grimmett
Paul Gontarek; Peggy Mathes
Real Estate Law:
Richard F. Warren Jr

Service Committees:
Attorney Health & Wellness: Sharon Maria Ramos ; Tracy Dry Kane
Candidate Evaluation: Margaret Overton Darby ; Jonathan Cole
Community Relations:
Continuing Legal Education: Irwin Kuhn
CLE State Attorneys: Brian Carroll; Catherine A. Caster
Christopher M. Bellamy
Ethics & Professionalism:
Tom Lawless
Fee Disputes:
Elaine M. Youngblood
David Young Parker
Lawyer Referral & Information Service:
Morgan E. Smith
Memorial Service: Ralph DeMarco
Nashville Bar Journal:
Bill Ramsey
Sister Cities Committee:
Phillip Cramer; Michael G. Abelow
Solo and Small Firm Committee: Rachel J. Schaffer ; Kelcy Morris
Veterans Committee:


Nashville Bar Foundation Trustees

John Tarpley, President
James L. Weatherly Jr., Treasurer
Gail Vaughn Ashworth, General Counsel

Hon. Joe P. Binkley, Jr.
Kay Caudle
Daniel L. Clayton
Trey Harwell
Lela Hollabaugh
Barbara D. Holmes
Anne Martin
Patricia Head Moskal

William T. Ramsey
Thomas J. Sherrard, III
Mark H. Westlake

NBA Young Lawyers Division Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs

President: Ryan Levy
President-Elect: Justin McNaughton
Jeff Gibson
Lauren Paxton Roberts
Immediate Past President:
Erin Palmer Polly

Events Director: Will Hicky
Membership Director: Matt Kroplin
Professional Development Director:
Rachel Ross Rosenblatt
Public Service Director:
Tera Rica Murdock

NBA YLD Events Committees:
Arts and Music:
Lauren Spahn; Kelly Donley
Carbolic Smoke Ball:
Jeremy Oliver; Hunter Kitchens
Race Judicata:
Blake Bernard; Emily Mack
Social Committee:
Bahar Azhdari; Burke Keaty

NBA YLD Membership Committees:

ABA Liaison:
Tiffany Palmer
Napier-Looby Bar Association Liaison:
Christopher Bellamy
Recruitment Committee:
Russell Belk; Joseph Hubbard
TBA Liaison:
Lauren Kilgore

NBA YLD Professional Development Committees:
Career Placement: 
Hunter Kitchens; John Rader
CLE Committee: Taylor Sutherland; Ben Goldammer
OYEZ! Newsletter: Scott Douglass; Wade Sims

NBA YLD Public Service Committees:
Community Outreach:
Jessica Van Dyke; Peter Malanchuk
Homeless Committee:
Mollie Gass; Peter Robison
Law Week Committee:
Beau Creson; Gil Schuette
Mock Trial Committee: Jessica Jernigan-Johnson


NBA Staff

MackieMonica W. Mackie:
Executive Director


Traci HollandsworkTraci Hollandsworth:
Programs & Events Coordinator


Nikki GrayNikki Gray:
Communications Director

Susan BlairSusan Blair:
Director of CLE

Judy PhillipsJudy Phillips:
CLE Coordinator

Malinda MoseleyMalinda Moseley:
CLE Coordinator - part time


Shirley ClayShirley Clay:
Finance Coordinator

Wendy CozbyWendy Cozby:
LRIS Coordinator


Vicki ShouldersVicki Shoulders:
Office/Membership Coordinator